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        Add:Economic Development Zone, Yuanbaoshan District, Chifeng, China

        Location : Home  ?   Products  ?   SUPERKILL

        Composition (per 1kg)

        Sodium dichloroisocyanurate    600g

        Sodium hexameta phosphate   240g

        Sodium dodecylbenzenesulphonate  50g

        Anhydrous sodium sulfate        110g


        Character: This product is white or white powder, with a pungent odor of the second acid



        Sterilization effect of etiologic agents which are sensitive to this product.

        Bacteria: General bacteria ( Salmonella typhimurium ), Brucella ovis, Mycobacterium fortuitum, Clostridium perfringenes type A

        Virus: Avian Influenza virus, PRRS virus, Hog cholera virus, Newcastle disease virus, Foot and mouth disease virus, PPR virus.

        Fungus: Tricophyton mentagrophytes


        Pharmacological action:

        Chlorine disinfectant.

        Dichloroisocyanurate sodium decompose to hypochlorite and cyanuric acid in water, hypochlorous acid release active chlorine and nascent oxygen, they will produce chlorination and oxidation reaction on the bacterial protein, then it will shows bactericidal action.

        Application: This product is mainly used for disinfection of poultry houses, corrals, equipment and breeding egg.


        Usage and dosage:

        Calculated according to available chlorine

        Places and appliances of livestock and poultry breeding: 0.1~1g/liter water

        Breeder eggs soaking disinfection: 0.1~0.4g/liter water

        Disinfection of epidemic focus: 0.2g/liter water


        Calculated according to this product

        Places and appliances of livestock and poultry breeding: 0.3~3g/liter water

        Breeder eggs soaking disinfection: 0.3~1.3g/liter water

        Disinfection of epidemic focus: 0.7g/liter water


        Adverse reactions:

        According to the recommended usage and consumption use, no adverse reactions



        The disinfection solution is prepared when using, a slight corrosion on the metal, colored cotton can fade.


        Withdrawal Period: No


        Storage: Sealed, store in a cool dark place


        Period of validity: 36 months


        BATCH NO:

        MFG DATE:

        EXP DATE:

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