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        Add:Economic Development Zone, Yuanbaoshan District, Chifeng, China

        Location : Home  ?   Products  ?   Albendazole 10% Suspension
        Albendazole 10% Suspension

        Compostion: Each 100ml contains



        Copper sulphate----0.2g


        Character: This product is a fine particle suspension solution, fine particle will be precipitation after standing, and it will be into white or white uniform suspension after shaking.


        Pharmacological action:

        Albendazole has broad-spectrum anthelmintic action, nematode is sensitive to it, It also has a stronger effect in tapeworm and trematode. Its mechanism of action is to prevent it combine with α-tubulin to be  multimeric to composite microtubules by combining with β-tubulin in elegans body. Thus it can affect cell reproduction process in elegans body, which includes mitosis, protein assembly and energy metabolism etc. This product has not only strong effect on  adult worms, but also has strong effect on immature worms and larvae, and has efficiency of killing the worms eggs. Albendazole’s  affinity on tubulin of nematodes is significantly higher than the affinity on tubulin of mammals, so Its toxicity is very small on mammalian.

        Ivermectin has good repelling and killing effect in external parasite, nematode in vivo and arthropod. The anthelmintic action mechanism lies in promoting the presynaptic neuron releasing gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), thus opening the chloride ion channel mediated by GABA. Ivermectin has selectivity and high affinity to chloride channel mediated by glutamate  which is near the GABA mediated site of invertebrate nerve and muscle cells, Thus interfere with neuromuscular signal transmission, makes the insect body to be flabby and paralytic to lead to parasite to be death or discharged in vitro.



        It is used for the treatment of nematode, taeniasis and fluke disease of livestock and poultry.


        Usage and dosage:

        It is to calculate with this product for oral administration.

        Horse: 0.5~1ml/each 10kg body weight, one time

        Cattle, Sheep: 1~1.5ml/each 10kg body weight, one time

        Swine: 0.5~1ml/each 10kg body weight, one time

        Dog: 0.25~1ml /each 10kg body weight, one time

        Poultry: 1~2ml /each kg of body weight, one time


        Adverse reaction:

        When albendazole is used in animal use during the first trimester of pregnancy, which may be associated with teratogenicity and embryotoxicity effect



        1. Lactation cows are prohibited.

        2. Female livestock should be with caution in the early 45 days of the pregnancy

        3. Ivermectin in this product is highly toxic to fish, shrimp, remnants, packaging products and animal waste do not pollute the water.


        Withdrawl time: Cattle~14days, Sheep~4days, Swine~7days, Poultry~4days


        Storage: Sealed store in cool and dry place, keep from sunlight.

        Period of validity: 24 months


        Registration No: QF-16-0121-P-P-00684


        Manufacturer : Inner Mongolia Huatian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


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