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        Add:Economic Development Zone, Yuanbaoshan District, Chifeng, China

        Location : Home  ?   Products  ?   Phyto Shield
        Phyto Shield


        Phytogenic extract of Isatis,Forsythia,Apn,Dyers wood leaf.

        Applicable Object: Poultry

        Appearance: Slight Blackish solution.


        Mechanism of Action:

        Cold pungent Diaphoresis,Heat cleaning & detoxification.


        Directions for usage:

        1.This product can improve  poultry immune function, enhance poultry body disease resistance. This product can activate the suppressed cellular immune function, improve the specific immunity of various diseases, regulate the coordination of various internal organs in the body, and promote the repair of damaged liver and kidney cells.

        2.This product promote metabolism and growth.

        3.This product can improve the body immunity, enhance disease resistance, reduce stress.

        4.This product can promote the appetite of  poultry, promote the absorption of nutrients.


        Inclusion Rate:

        This product is mixed with drinking water, each 1ml for 1L of  drinking water.



        1.This product can be long-term feeding, please use half of dosage, when long-term feeding.

        2.If the product is slightly agglomerated, it does not affect quality and effectiveness of product.

        Toxicity: Non toxic.

        Side Effect:No side effect.

        Withdrawl period: 4 Days.

        Storage: Sealed store in cool and dry place. Keep from sunlight.

        Pack size:500ml


        Manufactured By:

        Inner Mongolia Huatian Pharmaceutical Co.,ltd. 

        Economic Transformation Development Zone of Resource-based City, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China (Mainland)  Tel:476-18847606482


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