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        Add:Economic Development Zone, Yuanbaoshan District, Chifeng, China

        Location : Home  ?   Products  ?   Tylosin Tartrate Soluble Powder
        Tylosin Tartrate Soluble Powder

        Main Components:

        Tylosin tartrate






        1. Tylosin is a strong macrolide antibiotic covers a wide spectrum of Gm+ ve bacteria. Such as: Staph, strept, Diplococcus, Coryne, Clostridia and other bacterial infections secondary to viral diseases.

        2. Very effective against mycoplasma infection and affects also some rickettsies (Group psittacosis – chlamediosis) and hemophilus gallisepticum.

        3. Some Gm- ve bacteria (pasteurella, Campylobacter) are also affected by tylosin. 



        1. For prevention and treatment of: Mycoplasmosis, CRD, Air succulitis, Infectious synovitis, Infectious sinusitis, Chlamediosis, Spirochaetosis.

        2. Stress conditions due to vaccination, debeaking, transporting, rehousing, changes of feed and water.


        Dosage and Administration:

        1.Treatment: Respiratory or general infectious in poultry: 100 g of tylosin 50% per 200 liters of water for 3-5 days according to severity of the disease.

        2.Prevention: Use 100 mg (activity) per 200 liters of water as follows:

        (1) Broilers:

        first week of age for 3 days.                 

        Fourth week of age for 1 day


        first week of age for 3 days                 

        Fourth week of age for 1 day                 

        Ninth & 20th week of age for 2 days


        Withdrawal Period:

        Meat: 7 days.



        Keep in a cool and dry place away from light.

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